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1933 Plymouth Rear Leaf Springs
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1933 Plymouth Rear Leaf Springs

Front End Kits/Suspension


Restore proper rear suspension performance with brand new superior quality Leaf Springs
Eliminate rear end sag, leaning and bottoming out, and restore proper ride height and improve control. These precision built springs are made from heat treated and oil tempered alloy steel, and feature tapered leaves with built-in silencing tips and new front eye bushings.

Item #  04242E
Rear Leaf Springs
31 - 54 Plymouth







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1933 Plymouth Rear Leaf Springs

Classic car restoration is a popular hobby enjoyed by thousands of car enthusiasts each year.
Kanter auto has been helping car professionals produce beautiful results in antique car restoration for over 46 years!

It would be our pleasure to assist you in turning that old car into shiny vintage classic.
We have thousands of car restoration parts that are perfect for your antique car restoration project!

Whether you are restoring a vintage car's exterior or interior,
we are sure you will find the perfect car part for the job.

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