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Custom made HEADLINERS


Restore Your Car's Interior Today!

CUSTOM MADE HEADLINERS Available for most U.S. cars 1928-90, these custom
headliners are made to original factory patterns. Choose from any of our $20/yard fabrics or
vinyls or from our wide variety of plain or perforated vinyl available in many colors.

Headliners are also available in napped cotton (an original material used in many 1928-1962 cars)
 in the following colors:

  • Tans

  • Browns

  • Camel

  • Taupe

  • Greens

  • Aqua

  • Blues

  • Grays

  • Maroons

  • White

  • Black

  • Beige

  • And others!

Headliner price $235.00 --Limousines and 7 passenger vehicles are $285.00
1941-50 Packard Custom & Limo headliners with seams running front to rear $add $75.00.


To Order:
State make, year, model, series, body style,
style number, and number of doors.
State type of fabric and color desired.
If in doubt, send a sample of your present fabric
and we will choose our best match.
Include payment in full.
Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.
Sorry, No C.O.D.'s headliners.

Add 15% for postage and handling in continental U.S.
($8.00 minimum, $60.00 maximum)

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Lifetime Warranty Kanter Auto Products warrants that each item we sell is free from defects
in workmanship and materials for as long as you own your car.




CLOTH COVERED "Rope" style trim to detail your car's interior. per yard $9.00

WL - WINDLACE -- WO - Wire On

Call or write for any samples that you need.


  • WL1414 Gloss Grey Taupe
  • WL414S Antique Taupe with Black (matching)
  • WL106 Antique Taupe with Brown
  • WL1983 Camel
  • WL1980 Brown
  • WL107 Antique Grey
  • WL652S Antique Grey (matching)
  • WL1652 Grey

 WO - Wire On

  • WO414 Antique Taupe with Black (matching)
  • WO652E Antique Grey (matching)
  • WO1652 Grey



  • WL1984 Dark Grey
  • WL1860 Green
  • WL900 Forest Green
  • WL1864 Blue
  • WL1982 Navy
  • WL1467 Turquoise
  • WL1981 Red
  • WL1959 Maroon
  • WL1499 Rust
  • WL1985 White
  • WL178 Black

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Replace flattened and crumbled padding in seat cushions while you're recovering them
with our upholstery. This fine kit includes many items you're likely to need. Order Today!

  • 1" Thick x 24" x 60" foam pad

  • 19" x 60" substrate (used as extra protection between springs and foam pad)

  • Special hog ring pliers

  • 2-16" long bendable steel spring reinforcing rods

  • Over 100 OEM type steel hog rings

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Seat belts save lives in an old or new car. We recommend you install and use seatbelts in your car.
Most clubs do not deduct points if seat belts are installed in a workmanship like manner.
Our belts meet all federal safety standards and are available in your choice of 5 original colors.

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Burgundy

  • Tan

  • Grey

$27.00 each


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Seat Belt Reels

In original Packaging!

Sold out


Front of Package

Back of Package

Eliminate annoying and unattractive belts on seats or on floor of car.
Prewound auto seat belt reels install in seconds, keeps belts neat, clean and available for easy use.

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Lifetime Warranty Kanter Auto Products warrants that each item we sell is free from defects
in workmanship and materials for as long as you own your car.

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