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Dear Packard Collector,
2015 begins our 55th year of selling Packard parts for
all of your restoration needs.

In 1960, we bought our first Packard, a 1937 120 Sedan.
Ever since we have been collecting Packards as well as
many other makes of cars.

As our collection of cars grew so did our need for parts.
We began to purchase the stock of former Packard dealers
and of companies that manufactured original equipment or
replacement parts for Packards.  We now have the largest
and most extensive stock of BRAND NEW PACKARD PARTS
in the world. Our warehouse, located at 76 Monroe Street in
Boonton, NJ, currently holds over 1,350,000 NEW, USED, and
reproduction parts for 1922 to 1956 Packards.  More parts come
in every week.

Our experienced staff is highly capable and has one goal in mind:
to make you a satisfied customer. We are trying to supply ALL
of your needs, no matter how small, so you can restore and enjoy
your Packard. We also realize that at times it may be difficult to
pinpoint the exact part you may need. Our staff is well versed on
the needs of our customers and is ready to answer all your questions.

In addition to our goal to provide you with high quality service, we
stand behind every product with a Lifetime Warranty.

We have satisfied customers in all fifty states and around the world.
Please feel free to write us with any comments you have so that we
may serve you better.

We take pride in our business and our motto has always been:
"Ask the man who buys from us"

Sincerely, Kanter Auto Products




We publish separate price lists of the parts we supply for Packards made
from 1922 to 1956. Each price list contains more than a thousand of the
parts most needed for the repair and restoration of Packards. We carry
even more than those listed on our parts lists. If you require a Packard
part not on a list, a phone call or a letter to our Packard Department is all
that is needed for you to find out if we can fill your order.
Please write or call today to obtain the list for your car

Click here to request a PACKARD catalog to be mailed to you.

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In addition, a complete listing of factory service manuals and parts books is
is found on the Packard Literature page.



  • Bill Bonkoski

  • Stuart Blond

  • Charod Marshall

In 1976 Bill Bonkoski came to work for Kanter Auto Products and is our
longest term employee. Bill had previously worked at a large local auto
parts store and came with a wealth of auto parts experience. It was an
exciting time, as the car collecting hobby was rapidly growing and the
Packard Department grew along with it.

Through the years Bill has become a major asset to the company. He
spends his days running the Packard Department, a multi-faceted and
challenging job.  His knowledge of Packards and Packard parts is what
has made us the leading supplier of parts to the collector and restorer.

In addition to Bill, there are 2 expert assistants in his department,
Stuart Blond  and Charod Marshall. The three of them provide a valuable
resource to all customers!  In an effort to help you to enjoy and restore
your Packard we are trying to supply ALL your needs, no matter how
small they may be.


  • Janet Leonard

Every day is a busy day for Janet. She and her staff work to pack and
ship many orders daily, most by the Post Office and UPS Surface.UPS Air Service and
Federal Express are available at an additional charge. If you have placed
a C.O.D. order, your payment to the UPS driver must be by certified or
bank check or a money order


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Lifetime Warranty Kanter Auto Products warrants that each item we sell is free from defects
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