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*Stop* your collector car with confidence when you buy a *Kanter Auto Product***s* *Disc Brake Conversion Kit*. Our kits provide you with 21st Century stopping power for your collector car but will still allow you to keep your stock wheel appearance. We carry a large array of kits ranging from Cadillac and Buick to Dodge and Studebaker from 1928-1984. We offer two styles of kits for most vehicles, an ****At The Wheels Kit**** or a* ***Complete Kit****. Kanter***s complete kit gives you the peace of mind with most applications including a tandem master cylinder, which is a safety conscious addition. Tandem master cylinders contain twin reservoirs, in the case of a wheel cylinder or line failure you will still have brakes to get you safely to the side of the road. These kits can be installed with basic hand tools and the job can be completed within a days work. Just in time for your next cruise- in or show.